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Junction launches new strategic plan

All of us at Junction Support Services are proud to launch our new strategic plan, which will drive our work from 2020 to 2023.

The Strategic Plan defines our organisation’s goals for the future and how we’ll get there

The Strategic Plan was endorsed by our Committee of Management at its June meeting.

The plan was developed by Junction’s Committee of Management and Management Team workshop through a workshop run by external consultant Judy O’Keefe, from Scott and Associates.

Based on the Strategic Plan, draft operational plans were taken to teams for consultation and input from staff across all teams.

Our CEO Megan Hanley was proud to launch the plan, saying it “works towards our mission of supporting people to achieve their full potential and aligns with our vision for communities without disadvantage”.

“We’re all excited about the future and ready for the challenges and opportunities ahead,” Megan says.

The Strategic Plan covers client and family partnerships, best practice, workforce, leadership and culture and risk management.

“It’s all underpinned by our values of equity, access and diversity, innovation and collaboration,” Megan says.

See our Strategic Priorities here

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Mel Nicholson

TAC L2P Coordinator