Border challenges in spotlight

Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare chief executive officer Deb Tsorbaris acknowledged the work Junction Support Services does to tackle homelessness after the Centre’s visit to the Border region.

Junction CEO Megan Hanley was among the panellists when the Connecting Communities Regional Tour 2023 stopped in Albury on Friday, March 25.

It was an opportunity to highlight the amazing work our Junction team does to help disadvantaged people in our community and hear from other service providers.

The event provided a great platform to share ideas about ways to make a positive change in our community.

Speaking to media, Deb Tsorbaris said homelessness was a common thread of discussion at the forum held in Albury.

“There’s been a big rise in homelessness in this part of the world, and I know that Junction Support Services are a big provider here of youth homelessness programs,” she told The Border Mail.

“State governments need to do more.”

You can read The Border Mail’s report here (subscription):