Junction staff dressed up

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PJs and onesies all in a day’s work at Junction

Junction staff dressed up
Our staff dressed as tigers, leopards, unicorns, rabbits and in PJs to raise money for our children’s programs.

Our staff like to have a good time at work.

Among our favourite annual activities organised by our Health and Wellbeing Committee is a “Wear your PJs to work Day”.

Our staff being the enthusiastic people they are, many take this a step further and decide to wear “onesies”, a one-piece outfit, instead of PJs.

This year, the dress up day raised money for our children’s programs.

“Team Onesie” staff dressed as tigers, a unicorn and a rabbit.

“Team PJs” included a male staff member who dressed in his wife’s PJs, silk polka dots (our CEO), and Bonnie the golden retriever who wore a PJ top.

Some time-poor staff dropped their children off at school and child care while dressed in PJs and novelty slippers.

Our Family and Children’s Services Manager Claire Anderson said: “We like to have fun at work but we take our work seriously. There is nothing we are more passionate about than out children’s programs.

“Our mission is to support people to achieve their full potential.

“Last year our family and children’s team counselled more than 180 local children who had experiences trauma such as domestic violence.”

To find out more about our programs for children click here.

To donate to support our work click here or contact our office on 02 6043 7400

Junction staff dressed up
Our team dressed up in PJs and onesies to raise money for children’s programs.
Bonnie in her PJs
Bonnie the Golden Retriever in PJs

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Mel Nicholson

TAC L2P Coordinator